Monday: Uni from 10-15. Then the plan is to spend a couple of hours studying and heading to the gym (arms workout) at some point. Trying to keep busy and get a lot of work done during Mondays to get a good start. :)

Tuesday: I'm free in the morning and I don't need to be at uni until 14.30 so the plan is to workout (leg day) as early as I can possibly get up and then take a seat at a local café to sit there and work for a few hours. Good way to get out of the house away from distractions.

Wednesday: Need to get up early and study in the morning. Work from 12-15. Then I'm off to the gym (back session) once again after work.

Thursday: Uni from 10-18, loooong day. I also have a rest day from the gym so I'll just head straight home and throw myself on the sofa after that day, hehe.

Friday: Work from 12-16, gym (chest/shoulders) and then I'll take Friday night off on doing anything work related. The goal is to have put as much effort as possible during the week so that I actually can enjoy myself during the weekend.

Main goal of this week: Get shit done for uni, I need to prepare drafts for all modules and put together the research I've already done. The plan is to be able to be done with assessments as early as possible so that I don't have to stay here for too long upon Christmas time. So let's do this!

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MONDAY: School from 10-15. Two very long sessions in Creative Advertising, a perfect start to the week if you ask me. After school I'm probably heading to the gym for a couple of hours just to get this week really kick-started. Chest and shoulders are on today's schedule, not my favourite routine but it has to be done.
TUESDAY: School 14.30-16.00, my shortest day when I'm at university. Before school I'm heading to the gym for a morning session, probably leg day if I have the energy for it. Then I need to have a sit down for a few hours to catch up on some reading for the rest of the week. It feels like that's all I'm doing, reading. Haha.
WEDNESDAY: Work between 12-15. Also need to get down to the office before that to pick up stock. I haven't done this for the entire summer so it will be interesting to get back on track. After work I'm heading straight to the gym for a back session and then home, cook some food and see if there's anything else to do for school.
THURSDAY: School from 10-18, a very long and intense day. Won't have much time left after that to do anything else.
FRIDAY-SUNDAY: My days off, if there are things to study I'll do that but other than that my weekend is pretty unplanned so far.



MONDAY: So here we go, first day back at university! We always start of quite soft with just introduction lectures in all modules we're doing for the year, today I had Creative Advertising and Promotion which is definitely one of the courses I look forward to the most this year, very hands-on and upbeat.

After class I went straight home to try to catch my delivery from ASOS, missed it and now I'm struggling with having the post office re-deliver it. What else went wrong? Oh, I can't access my online resources at the university portal at all so my planning day didn't go as planned. So now I'm considering to just have lunch and then head to the gym for a while, hoping for nothing else to go wrong today. Always so exciting to play with my luck!

TUESDAY: Tomorrow I'm having a library day and focusing on staying on top of things in my courses, reading up on some material and looking over the courses. After spending a couple of hours there I'm heading to the gym probably.

WEDNESDAY: Taking the day off studying to properly clean out the apartment of the rest of W's things. We'll see how long that takes but hopefully I can fit in a quick trip down to central London and just hang there for a while relaxing.

THURSDAY: W is coming to pick up his things in the morning, the final step in this whole process. After that I have classes from 10-14 and will probably spend the rest of the day in the library.

FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY: "Cleaning, planning and structuring up my life again"-days. I need to have a sit down and go through how I want to re-decorate the apartment and plan on what to get from Ikea and so on. J is coming next Monday to spend the week with me and my plan is to drag him to Ikea for help with carrying everything, hehe. So it will be a heavy and pretty dull weekend but next week will definitely make up for it!



I made it through the darkest part of the night, 
and now I see the sunrise. 
Now I feel glorious, glorious..

Today I feel great, haven't slept much but my mood is still on top. Woke up this morning to the fact that my student finance FINALLY has been approved in Sweden, very thankful for that since school starts on Monday, hehe. Also, got dragged out of the apartment by Christine for lunch and hanging at our university's Fresher's Fair. Who turns down free pizza and free beer? Not me. The remaining plans for my Thursday is to see if Annicka, who is on a flight from Stockholm to London in this writing moment, wants to do something tonight or else I'll just have a night in I guess. I thought I'd give you the full schedule for the weekend aswell:

So for Friday, tomorrow I'm meeting up with Annicka for some shopping in central London and just spending the day together. Later at night we're having dinner with some friends and heading out to some club. We'll see where the night takes us.

For Saturday we're starting of strong with brunch at Granger & Co in Clerkenwell to re-charge. Intense as it is when someone comes over just for the weekend, we're heading out again on Saturday and having dinner with some of her friends. I will definitely have a chill day after this, haha.

On Sunday I have the day all by myself, Annicka's flight leaves at 10.30 so no more time to meet before then unfortunately. It will be a crazy weekend but so much fun to have people over. My Sunday will probably be spent at home trying to rewind and relax before university starts on Monday, and then it all begins. :)

Tell me your plans for the weekend, if you have any! xx



After a pretty rough weekend of not feeling too well, I got out of bed yesterday pretty early, put some makeup on, dressed nicely and headed out on town. What I've learned about my wellbeing is that I need to give myself a few days of just rewinding, but then I really need to get up on my feet again. Or else I could stay in bed forever. So that's what I did. I headed in to town, scouted through some stores and then bought some sushi on my way home as a reward to myself. As of that short ramble, I'm trying to plan my week ahead and these are my plans so far:

Tuesday: Today I'm doing a proper kick-start. I'm already doing laundry, cleaning the apartment and then I'm celebrating with a session at the gym. Later tonight I'm heading down to my mum's house for dinner and family time. <3 A perfect Tuesday if you ask me!

Wednesday: Probably waking up at my mum's house so I'm taking the opportunity to have a long walk on the countryside before heading in to town again. During the day I have plans to book plane tickets back to London and check through some boring university stuff. Time to get ready!

Thursday: Relaxing day. Since I had a really bad weekend I need to stop and breathe every now and then. Thursday for me will be spent on me-time. Face mask, a long shower and just pamper time. Definitely in need of it!

Friday: Spending the night with my family, having dinner and catching up again. It's not long now before the flight goes back to London so I want to make the most out of it.

Saturday: Spending with friends, probably having a night out. The plans are still pretty loose. :)

Sunday: Chill day at home with my dearest wifey. That's it.



First day of September, moving on to autumn really fast. This summer has just gone by in a flash, probably because I've been working all the way through it. I haven't minded it at all though, the weather hasn't been that great and I've had so much fun at work. A great distraction as well.

Now I'm moving on to plan my autumn and sort out what is going to happen. I was thinking about doing a post about this but I thought I'd just clear things up in a planning post instead, because that is what I'm good at. So here we go, here are the major plans and happenings of my autumn. Also, doing a proper throwback from last autumn. ;)

Starting my final year at university in London

Writing this feels so incredibly strange and unreal. I'm finally starting my final year of university. I have chosen mostly fun and practical modules for my final year; one of them which was a work internship which I've done over the summer at the bank. Other than that I'm doing E-marketing Strategy and Social Media, Marketing Strategy and Planning as well as Creative Advertising and Promotion. This year will be incredibly focused on making it through to graduation which is so close now - can't wait!

Living on my own..

Many of you have probably guessed it and if you know me you are definitely aware. Me and W are no longer together. There it is. I didn't know if I should spell it out here on the blog or whether to just let it fade away. This means that I'm now doing my final year in London solo. I'm not going to lie, it terrifies me to be on my own but at the same time I couldn't be more excited for flying with my own wings for once, exploring and living on my own. I'm sure this is going to be great, with some time and adjustments of course. My date day/night series will turn in to exploring on my own. I hope that you are with me on this crazy journey.

Figuring out what's next..

With finishing university, there is also figuring out what to do next. I've always had a clear image on what I want in life but right now I'm not that sure. I know that I want to work in marketing/sales. But what line of business or role.. that's where I'm lost. My plan at the moment is to apply for as many jobs as possible, and now since I don't have anyone holding me back I can work wherever I want in the world. I know that I've said this a lot in this post but it's going to be an intense, a bit terrifying but mostly exciting period!

I hope that you will want to follow me on this solo-adventure of finding myself again and forging my path to where I want to be in life. The blog will of course be kept alive and I want to make it into both my forum of expression as well as a more personal touch to let you in on what's going on in my mind. Let me know your thoughts! x



This would be the perfect way to start of my Monday, unfortunately I'm a little bit more lazy today to do a full on mountain of pancakes. Buuuut, this was delicious though! Pancakes are my absolute favourite breakfast thing to make, there are endless variations and toppings - just love it.

So today is Monday and yesterday I sat up until 3am (yep, that's right) to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones. And it was totally worth it! Oh how I loved that episode, yes I agree.. the episodes have gone a bit soft lately but it really feels like they are bringing it together and putting people where they should be. I can't wait until season 8, which will be a while but it doesn't matter because I'm so excited. :D

Enough of that, today I'm trying to plan what I need to get done for the time that I am free of both school and work. I'm going back to London in little less than a month and I really want to make the most of it. The very unorganized plan at the moment is to explore as much as possible, go on more spontaneous trips to wherever I can, work-out as much as possible, fix everything that needs to be done before university starts and just hang out with friends and family until they grow sick of me, haha.

I'm excited for this autumn, even though there are some major changes. I'm going to be living alone for the first time ever. So it will be a completely new adventure for me. I know London so well, but on my own. That will be an adventure in it self.

Hope you'll have a great start to the week! x



The days are just flying by and it's already Wednesday. The days are moving so fast forward at the moment that I'm having a hard time keeping up. But I thought I'd give you a bit of an insight on what has been happening so far this week and my plans for the upcoming days.

Monday: Work between 8.30-15.30. After work I headed straight home, made dinner and lunch boxes for the rest of the week and hung out with my bestie for a while. For those interested I make one dish of 6 portions to last me throughout the week at work. This week I made bean burgers and coleslaw, yum. After hanging out at home for a while I met up with a friend and headed to the gym, finished off and brought home freshly made donuts from the festival that's going on in Malmö at the moment. Gym and then donuts, I call it balance.

Tuesday: Work from 8.30-15.30. Headed straight home to just crash on the sofa for a while. Talked to a friend that lives in Stockholm for a while, had dinner and then crashed on the sofa again. I was completely exhausted yesterday. Some days right now are just tougher than others, I promise to make a post about it soon, if you are interested.

Wednesday: Work as usual today. Love routines. Then after work my mum is picking me up in Malmö and then we're heading home to have a family dinner together, haven't spent much time there for a while. Much easier to travel from Malmö to work than from my mum's house.

Thursday: My longest work day of the week. 8.30-18.00. After that I'm heading in to Malmöfestivalen for a while and hang out, have food I guess and then straight home to bed again. Will probably be kind of exhausted after the long working hours.

Friday: Work 8.30-15.00. Then I'm rushing home to have dinner in down with the bestie and just spending time together. Later at night we are meeting up with more friends to see Oskar Linnros closing the festival. Superexcited for this and have been waiting so long to see him again performing!

The rest of the weekend will probably be spent chilling and trying to relax as much as possible. Or at least that's the plan, but if I know myself right that's not gonna happen, haha.

What are your plans for the week?



WEDNESDAY: Work from 8.30-15.30, then I'll probably just head home. Since it takes approximately 2 hours to get there and home I'm pretty exhausted at the end of the day, hehe. ;)

THURSDAY: Work as usual, not sure if I'm needed at work until later on Thursday or not.

FRIDAY: Last day of work for this week and then I take next week off before I start for real the week thereafter at another location. My Friday will most likely be spent at home because...

SATURDAY: ... my weekend will be packed! On Saturday I'm first helping my mum out with box lifting and sorting out stuff, what to keep and what not to keep. If there's still space we are spending our Sunday at a local flea market. Later on Saturday evening we are celebrating my aunt's birthday. To end of my Saturday, my friends are having a party in Malmö so if I still have some spare energy I'll head in to town to meet them.

SUNDAY: Flea market time! As I mentioned it's a local flea market in Smygehamn that we are selling stuff on. I'm actually excited, it's going to be a lot of fun. :D



The start of the week - Yesterday delivered amazing weather here in London as you may have noticed from yesterday's post, so me and Wille just enjoyed each other's company and cooked good food in the evening. Wille is unfortunately not home tonight at my last night in London so we had to make the most of it yesterday. :)

This week's bad conscience - That I'm leaving Wille on his own in London over the summer, haha. Just kidding, he and we will be absolutely fine. He can always come and visit whenever he wants. I think it's important to make yourself a priority even when in a relationship and pursue your own dreams and opportunities. A good partner stays with you through everything. :)

The week's most exciting - THAT I'M GOING HOME TOMORROW! I'm so incredibly excited to go home and spend the summer holiday at home in Sweden. I'm really looking forward to a Swedish summer at home with friends and family even though I'll be working on weekdays.

This week's nervosity - Flying on my own tomorrow. I'm not too keen on flying on my own, I associate airports with so much stress and running from A to B. The actually plane ride I don't mind but everything before and after just stresses me out.

This week's purchases - Loads of basics and needs to have at home this summer that I can't get in Sweden. I've stocked up on my favourite concealer from Collection, basic tops and dresses from Primark and I've placed an order through Amazon on my hair toner. So much to do.

The week's posts - Oh, I really hope that you are willing to follow me on my adventures this summer even though it's not in London. The posts for this week will be very mixed but mostly family and friends posts with dinners, picnics and just "enjoying life"-posts. :)

// Veckans start - Igår var det ju fruktansvärt fint väder så vi var ute inprincip hela dagen för att ta vara på soltimmarna, njöt av varandras sällskap och lagade god mat på kvällen. Wille är inte hemma ikväll så jag har sista kvällen i London ensam hemma, därav passade vi på igår. :)

Veckans dåliga samvete - Att jag lämnar Wille ensam i London över sommaren, haha. Nej han överlever nog, han kan alltid åka hem och besöka mig när han vill. Jag tycker att det är viktigt att man kan göra vad man själv vill även när man är i ett förhållande. Ett förhållande ska inte hindra en från att följa sina drömmar och ta möjligheter. En bra partner stöttar och stannar genom allt. :)

Veckans pepp - ATT JAG ÅKER HEM IMORGON! Jag är så himla taggad på den här sommaren, att få spendera tid hemma och jobba i sommaren ska också bli himla härligt. Ser verkligen fram emot en svensk sommar med allt vad det innebär!

Veckans nerviga - Flygresan imorgon, jag är inte superglad för att flyga och speciellt inte själv. Tycker att det är så grymt många stressmoment och jag gillar det inte alls. Att vara på själva flygplanet har jag inget emot, men allt där innan och efter är alltid stress.

Veckans inköp - Massa basplagg att kunna ha i sommaren samt engelska grejer som jag inte kan få tag på i Sverige. Köpt min favoritconcealer från Collection, t-shirts från Primark och ska lägga en beställning via Amazon för toning till håret. Mycket som ska fixas..

Veckans inlägg - Åh, jag hoppas verkligen att ni vill följa med hela sommaren även fast den inte spenderas i London. Inläggen den här veckan kommer att vara väldigt blandade med tid på landet, picknick med vännerna på lördag och bara massa mys. :)