I seriously thought that this post went up yesterday, oh well.. we'll just try again today. ;)

I got a new haircut yesterday! You probably don't see a lot of difference. We just freshened up the lengths and made it a bit more into a hairstyle, haha. My hair is so incredibly thick so if I don't thin it out a bit now when it's short, it looks kind of like a helmet, haha.

After the haircut I had lunch at a local café in Trelleborg called Systrar & Bönor, and I must say the make an incredible soya latte!

After that I went home and packed before we headed over to W's friends to hang out and spend time with their daughter. We haven't seen them since Christmas and she grows up so fast!

We had some pizza and then they had prepared a cheese table which was amazing. A great ending to the day!

Now me and W are just chilling at his place and I'm soon off to meet my mum. I'll catch you later! x

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