Hey, so Thursday and I've realized that the schedule I put up this Monday does not fit in to my week at all, haha. What I completely forgot to mention during that was that I actually don't have too many lessons this week. So I spent this morning at a lecture with a guest speaker from a social media agency, and the rest of the day is being spent at home working my way through assessments.

By the way, this is what my go-to-look has been over the last few weeks. I've started using eyeliner again to make my eyes pop a bit more as well as my trusty lipgloss from Sephora. And the clothes I use at the moment all go in the same theme, back to basics. I can't really be bothered to dress up too fancy for just heading to uni for lectures and seminars.

So, the rest of the day will be spent as I said in front of the computer with a lot of work to do before the weekend. Tomorrow I'm heading down to Selfridges for a few hours to work, then the gym and finally I'm taking the weekend to try to unwind. If I really need to study, then that's what I'll do but I'm going to try to take it easy on myself and not stress myself out too much. It's important to put your health in front of everything, because nothing is more important than that.

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Why is it that you always have good hair and makeup days when your not doing anything special or meeting anyone you know? To be fair I'm working today but still not meeting anyone in particular because after work I'm just going to sit at a local café or the library to study all evening. My life in a nutshell at the moment.

On the agenda for today is therefore work from 12-3 and then study for the rest of the evening. I have a Marketing Strategy report that I need to complete a draft for as well as a Social Media Analysis that I'm getting feedback on tomorrow, there are my focus points for today.

I'm trying really hard to find new places to study and work in London. For those Londoners out there who read my blog - do you have any suggestions on cafés or other locations where you can sit for hours and work that isn't too crowded? I live in north London so someplace that would be easy to get home from would be preferable. Help a girl out. <3



I've had such a weird day today, not really sure what happened. Been incredibly tired the entire day and just hasn't really had any work flow at all, which sucks. It's so annoying to sit in front of a pile of workload and just not finding the flow to work through it. Everything has just gone by slowly and patchy, not getting any content together. So annoying.. I'm guessing that the tiredness comes from yesterday when I actually had a great and productive day unlike today. Balance, I would call it... ;)

Tomorrow I'm going to central London to work for a few hours at Planet Organic and then it's back to the books. This week won't be much more interesting than this. Just eat, sleep, study, repeat. Will try to create some more interesting content for tomorrow though! x



Monday: Uni from 10-15. Then the plan is to spend a couple of hours studying and heading to the gym (arms workout) at some point. Trying to keep busy and get a lot of work done during Mondays to get a good start. :)

Tuesday: I'm free in the morning and I don't need to be at uni until 14.30 so the plan is to workout (leg day) as early as I can possibly get up and then take a seat at a local café to sit there and work for a few hours. Good way to get out of the house away from distractions.

Wednesday: Need to get up early and study in the morning. Work from 12-15. Then I'm off to the gym (back session) once again after work.

Thursday: Uni from 10-18, loooong day. I also have a rest day from the gym so I'll just head straight home and throw myself on the sofa after that day, hehe.

Friday: Work from 12-16, gym (chest/shoulders) and then I'll take Friday night off on doing anything work related. The goal is to have put as much effort as possible during the week so that I actually can enjoy myself during the weekend.

Main goal of this week: Get shit done for uni, I need to prepare drafts for all modules and put together the research I've already done. The plan is to be able to be done with assessments as early as possible so that I don't have to stay here for too long upon Christmas time. So let's do this!



Brrrrr.. it's so cold outside today. Didn't really expect it when I went out to take photos earlier this morning but it's really getting cold quickly at the moment. I don't mind though, this just means more days with big sweaters and scarves. And what else comes with winter? Christmaaaas! Still counting down the days, aren't you?

So it's been a couple of days since I checked in here and the only excuse I got is that I've been crazy busy with work and school this week. I've signed up to a lot of work this month as I might have mentioned and in combination of November being such a stressful month at uni with assignments lining up I just couldn't get the time or the energy to prepare blog posts, which is not how I want to run this. This is why I'm spending today to properly planning up next week with the blog, what photos I need to take and what posts I want to put up. The blog is my little creative space and I feel so much better being on here. <3

Next week is study week in most of my modules which gives us the time to get on with our assessments and get feedback if needed so I will spend most of the days in the library in combination with work. I'll prepare a 'weekly plans' post tomorrow to give you a run down of it!

I also want to put of time during next week to decorate my apartment in time for Christmas, haha. Yes, it's early, and YES it's not even December. But hey, if everything goes right I'm going home to Sweden just before the 13th of December so I want to make the most of it here in London and enjoy Christmas on my own. Therefore, I'm loading up with gingerbread and mulled wine next week to decorate my apartment - yay! Have any of you guys started decorating yet or am I the only crazy person in the room? ;)



@Joe & The Juice

Hi guys, halfway through the week. The time is moving by so incredibly quickly at the moment. Still haven't really taken the time to realize that I've passed the half-way mark towards Christmas break this week. Aaaand, with that said. I've actually started to listen to Christmas music today, yes I'm one of those people that everyone hates that starts Christmas off way too early. No shame. I just couldn't help it this morning, I tried to get in a good mood and accidentally put on a Christmas tune, now I'm stuck. So from now on until the 24th of December, all I'll be listening to is Christmas music.. fight me. ;)

At the moment I'm sat at Joe & The Juice in Kensington, just finished work at Wholefoods across the street and I wanted to try to get some work done by sitting at a café to work instead of going home. In my first year and high school I did this all the time, it really helps to get out of the house and do the work since there are no other distractions or things that you would rather do. The library doesn't really work for me, too much pressure and it's way too quiet for my taste. Cafés are therefore a great option. Usually I would go to a café more suitable for work like Timberyard but I couldn't be bothered to go there today, it's too far since I'm not traveling through there on my way home after this. But summarized; if you're like me and finding it hard to work from home and it's too quiet at the library - go to your local café and sit there for a few hours it does wonders!

With that note, I really need to get started. Tomorrow is a long day at uni and I need to get stuff done before the weekend. x



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I've been completely exhausted today, tried to gain energy by going out to the gym because that usually help but nope. So I've cuddled up on the sofa with my computer trying to get some work done from home today instead. And with that comes no proper blogging material so I picked out some pieces from NA-KD that I really wouldn't say no to at the moment. In love with high-waisted pants and a tucked in shirt, matching sets and big comfy sweaters. Perfect for autumn!

Will try to recharge today and hopefully I'll have more energy to do things tomorrow, I kind of have to since I'm going to work in central London for a couple of hours. Fingers crossed for me! x



Heeeeeyyy.. so this wasn't meant to happen. I genuinely thought that I'd had much more time for the blog last week but that did just not happen at all. I decided to put all my focus towards M and spend all my awake time with him now that he'd come over. I didn't really want to sit by the computer and work whilst he was here, so the blog got put aside. But here I am and ready for a new week!

I've had the best few days with M being over and we've been up to so many different things that I don't even know where to begin. As always when someone from home comes over and spends a few days here I want to show them everything, even if I know that's not possible. So I narrowed it down to my favourite places mixed with some new ones that I've wanted to visit for a few days. And a lot of food, laughter and good times later - here we are! It feels so strange being alone once again. It gets crazy intense when a friend comes to visit, especially one from home. Right now it just feels empty, like I've left something behind. Very strange feeling. But I've now started the countdown towards Christmas with half the term completed, it's gonna be great.

Today has just been a day filled with studying and starting out on different projects that start to come due very soon. And that is pretty much how this entire week will play out; work and studying. Wohoo!

I hope that you've had an amazing weekend and a great start to the new week, xx



3 things I'm looking forward to:
- Spending the week with M
- That it's just about 6 weeks left until I can hug my family again <3
- To graduate next summer (iiiih)

// 3 saker jag ser fram emot:
- Att spendera veckan med M
- Att det bara är 6 veckor tills jag får krama om min familj igen <3
- Ta examen nästa år (iiih)

3 things I'm afraid of:
- Not being good enough
- Getting sick
- Being used and/or hurt

// 3 saker jag är rädd för:
- Att inte vara tillräckligt
- Vinterkräksjukan
- Bli utnyttjad och/eller sårad

3 things I should do:
- Get out of the apartment more
- Start looking for a graduate job for next year
- Spend more time and energi on the blog

// 3 saker jag borde:
- Komma ut ur lägenheten mer
- Ta tag i att söka jobb inför nästa år
- Lägga mer tid och energi på bloggen

3 things I can do:
- I'm hell of a good cook, improvised as well as recipes
- Start and follow through projects
- Make people laugh

// 3 saker jag kan:
- Laga mat, gärna improviserat
- Starta och driva igenom projekt
- Liva upp stämningen

3 things I can't do:
- Have deep, meaningful discussions (for too long)
- Everything that has to do with sports
- Skiing, skating basically anything that includes balance

// 3 saker jag inte kan:
- Ha djupa, allvarliga diskussioner (för länge)
- Allt som har med sport att göra
- Åka skidor, skridskor eller något som har med balans att göra

3 things that makes me calm:
- Working out
- Endless nights on the sofa with my best friend
- The silence on the country side at my mum's.

// 3 saker jag blir lugn av:
- Träning
- Mysiga kvällar på soffan med bästa vännen
- Tystnaden ute på landet hos mamma

3 things I'm doing this weekend:
- Dragging M around London
- Eating great food
- Trying to unwind and enjoying every moment

// 3 saker jag ska göra i helgen:
- Dra med M på äventyr
- Äta sjukt god mat
- Försöka varva ner och njuta av nuet

3 things I've done the past week:
- Started all of my coursework to some extent
- Beat PB in deadlift (proud girl_96)
- Eaten way too much popcorn and chips

// 3 saker jag har gjort den senaste veckan:
- Påbörjat alla mina framtida skolprojekt
- Slagit PB i marklyft (stolt tjej)
- Ätit alldeles för mycket chips och popcorn



Hi you guys, how are you all today? Settling in good with the new week? I've actually been good this morning and been to the gym, cleaned the last things in the apartment and now I'm getting ready to head to class for the afternoon. After that I definitely need to set my course towards the library for a couple of hours tonight. I have so much stuff that needs to be a bit more clear since I will be a bit off for the rest of the week and next week we move in to support sessions with our lecturers. So I really need to get on route with my assignments to be able to benefit from some sort of feedback.

Tomorrow midday I'll be meeting up M at the airport and then I probably won't be very active here for the rest of the week. What I will do to try to compensate is to overuse (haha) my Instastory once again so please go and follow HERE for more up to date on what we're doing this long weekend. :)

Hope you're all surviving the cold and working hard this week! Tomorrow we're moving on to November, which I still can't believe. This season has moved by so incredibly quickly. x